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Why visit our dental hygienist.

You may find that after you visit a Dentist, you will be advised a hygiene session with one of our hygienists. This will be based on the level of plaque, bleeding or tartar (hardened plaque) present in your mouth. Our hygienists will assess your clinical notes and x-rays that have been taken in the practice to decide what level of hygiene treatment is required.

Processes will remove accumulated bacteria ( soft=plaque, hardened= calculus or tartar) and most staining that is present around the mouth. You may find that you are advised to use specific brushes and techniques at home to prevent the build up of bacteria’s and staining in-between visits. The practice has a wide range of at home equipment to purchase for the care of your teeth and gums.

Our Hygiene appointments are typically 30 mins long and available on Mondays and Thursdays. This has proven very popular and has helped our patients maintain a healthy mouth for many years.

At Kelvedon dental centre we offer monthly payment plans ( Practice Plan) for dental maintenance which can include up to four dental hygienist visits a year.

For more information please contact our reception or ask a member of staff at your next appointment.

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