Exam and prevention

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Preventative care






Regular visits to the dentist (in the form of regular dental check-ups, digital x-rays and dental hygiene appointments)

will allow us to help you look after your teeth and identify any dental problem early before they risk worsening. 


In England the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have issued evidence-based guidelines for how often you are advised to come for your regular dental checks.



























Everybody at any age can benefit from preventative care.


Prevention will lessen the risk of needing extensive treatment ( f.ex. fillings and extractions), procedures that both can cause discomfort and increase the need for potentially costly restorative work. 


In children it is very important to establish good habits as early as possible and teach them how to brush their teeth correctly. We recommend that children start attending for regular check-ups early so they get used to us and the environment in general which will benefit them a lot in the future.


Regular exam

It is important to note that Dental Health covers the whole of the oral cavity.


When you come for your routine dental examinations, we look beyond just teeth and gums and can pick up conditions such as ulcers, stomatitis or tongue issues as well as caries and other potential problems. 

Regular check ups and hygiene appointments can be paid for on a 'pay as you go' basis (so you pay as and when you see us) or by joining a Denplan Budget Scheme. 


If you wish to know more, please speak to a team member at the Kelvedon Dental Centre,  who will more than happy to give you advice and assistance.


Here is a video on toothbrushing technique 

you might find useful

















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