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Dental Home Visits (Domiciliary Dental Care)

Our team at Kelvedon Dental Centre continually receive phone calls from people with dental problems who also struggles to leave their home.

If you or someone you know are housebound and experience toothache, denture problems and/or other oral health related issues just give us a call, we can help.

Lady trying to replace her broken tooth.
Anyone who has tried using a DIY-tooth-fixing-kit would agree they can be tricky.

Community Domiciliary Dental Care (dental home visits) is a vital facility provided by the Local Authorities. This service requires triaging and forms part of an individual care plan, restricted to those individuals who are deemed permanently or long term housebound or in residential care. Please contact your GP for more information.

We found that there are many barriers preventing a fast growing group of people from accessing the care they need. This lead us, at Kelvedon Dental Centre, to put measures in place to make it possible for us to offer Dental Home Visits to this group.

A lot of people don't have a care plan but are still restricted to their home for various reasons such as:

  • age

  • medical conditions

  • recent operation/accident

  • social anxiety

  • living with shielding/vulnerable people

What to do

It starts with a phone call so we can discuss your specific situation and concerns.

Once we have established your needs, we will arrange a convenient time to come and see you. You will meet a Dentist and a Dental Nurse who will wear appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) to keep everybody safe.

Although there are limitations to the level of dentistry we can provide in a non clinical setting, we aim to initially fix your immediate issue and put a plan in place should any additional treatment be required.

If you live in the area around Colchester, Chelmsford and surrounding villages and think you need a Dental Home Visit or you want more information, give us a call on:


Lady at home shielding with her dog
Nobody should suffer in silence

If you need us, just give its a call!

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