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We are getting ready for reopening!

Updated: Jun 13, 2020

We are really happy to prepare to reopen the practice and start providing quality dental services again.

We are very excited to welcome our very valued patients back as well as all of you who need appointments but perhaps haven't got a regular dentist or not been to see us yet.

(number to call: 01376-570785)

There are additional guidelines for us all to adapt to so that we can continue to keep you as well as our staff safe during your dental visits.

We will be adhering to social distancing guidelines and will ask you all to only bring company to the practice if you need to, this is a new strategy to limit crossover in the waiting room as much as possible.

Your appointments may be a little longer than usual to leave room for additional preparation that may be necessary including ventilation before and after some procedures.

We have additional layers of PPE at times which may look intimidating but we want to reassure you that we are still our usual friendly selves underneath it all.

Initially, appointments will be allocated to those of you who have suffered with toothache or other issues during the lock down period, followed by people who have outstanding treatment (waiting to have your crowns, bite-guards, dentures etc fitted, planned root- canal treatment, fillings etc )

Routine exams and hygiene treatment we hope to start scheduling again in July/August subject to further guidelines.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for you patience during this challenging period and are looking forward to seeing you for your appointments soon.

If you are unsure or you wish to make/change an appointment, give us a call!


The Team at Kelvedon Dental Centre

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