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We are back!

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

We are really pleased to let you all know that we are open again

with our normal services reinstalled.

We all have been faced with challenges we couldn't predict and adapting to the changes is of course an ongoing process (fingers crossed a positive one.)

For us at here at Kelvedon Dental Centre this means a few new procedures in how we deliver our services, including additional protective garments during certain procedures.

Sue and Danny

All our patients will be given a questionnaire in relation to Covid-19 symptoms and appointments will be booked or postponed accordingly.

This period also meant we had the opportunity to replace one of our operating chairs and an X-ray unit which we are very excited about.

Big thanks to Hauge Dental who facilitated this for us.

Of course we are as always keen to get feedback from all of you on this as well.

We have been restricted to emergencies only since the lock down period begun and we are very aware that many of you have not had your regular check up and hygiene visits.

One of our main focuses going forwards is to reschedule suitable appointments for everybody who have had their appointments cancelled.

Emergencies or more urgent treatment are always a priority and that hasn't changed, this includes people who haven't been to us before.We are aware that access to dental care is difficult at the moment with many practices having to limit their services still.

We intend to contact everybody who are waiting for their appointments within the next few weeks but please feel free to get in touch with us too if you wish. We aim to be available on the phone most of the time including evenings and weekends.

Here are our details:


We would also like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your support and patience the last few months and we are really looking forward to welcome you all back!

The team at

Kelvedon Dental Centre

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We are back
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